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Full Version: Crash Bandicoot Hard Mode demo 2
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I don't know if I should be making a new thread for this or replying to the old one but I don't see any sort of rules saying otherwise so ill just make a new one.

Anyway after almost 6 months and in a different year I bring you demo 2 (did anyone even play the last demo?) of the Explosive mod which I've temporarily renamed to Hard mode while I think of the final name

I actually have a short trailer you can find here if you are interested:

Ill start by explaining how to download, its the same as last time just go to the GitHub Download the .alcmod file and use Alchemist to install it, This obviously only works on the pc version.

alternative MediaFire download incase you prefer that for some reason mediafire

For further information ill go over what is in the demo, 
including Snow Go which was in the previous demo there is now a total of 4 levels you can play, N. Sanity Beach, Jungle Rollers, Turtle Woods and Snow Go.
Some notes about the actual new content, N sanity beach is probably the most complete level and is the most challenging especially if you go for all crates.
I would personally recommend Snow Go and N sanity beach for the best impressions of this level mod.

known Issues that will be fixed in later versions of the mod
-You cant get the Clear Gem in Jungle Rollers without bringing extra masks
-Turtle Woods isn't complete
-The bonus in Snow Go doesn't register the non bonus boxes for the bonus crate counter
-The required damage boost in Jungle Rollers probably isn't good game design
-The bonus in Turtle Woods and Jungle Rollers was left unchanged due to the fact its a different file
-The Turtle Woods "Secret" area was left unchanged
-You can softlock in N Sanity Beach and Jungle Rollers at the checkpoint depending on what order you break the Crates in
-The Game crashes after attempting to enter another level after playing a demo level

if you have any feedback/criticism for this please reply to the thread and I will try to make the change for the next demo when it comes out in half a year (hopefully not actually that long)

Some notes about the Trailer I linked, There is no big TNT in any of these levels that was a mistake made when messing around with replacing the triceratops with a big TNT crate for the trailer that I just kept because I thought it was funny and made the trailer more interesting

Demo 3 will probably not come out until ARD releases his level editor and according to my sources (Ard's tumblr post) may be somewhat soon
i never knew that i needed to see a big tnt chasing crash bandicoot but now i found out and saw it