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Full Version: ARD's Miscellaneous Mods
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As above, but with Crash 3, from this video.

C3NITRO.alcmod (install using Alchemist)
Crash 1 version of the nitro mod (video):

C1NITRO.alcmod (install using Alchemist)

Not quite every crate this time, but most.
(08-10-2019, 11:47 AM)ARD Wrote: [ -> ]If there's anything you've seen me do before that you want me to upload then please ask me in this thread and I'll either turn it into a proper mod or if it's more complicated I'll try to explain how to do it... unless it's related to level modding
In the video below as well as your recent video relating to the NST Level Editor Update, I've seen a fully playable Princess Coco mod that looks absolutely amazing that was made for N. Sane Trilogy but I cannot find anywhere to download it. Is it still in development or is it not being released until the level editor is finished?
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