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Full Version: NST Crate Editor (Very Limited)
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Hello, everyone, I recently made a crate editor that I wanted to share with you all

It's a very limited crate editor it can't do a lot of things but it at least works.

You can easily change crate positions and even delete a crate if you don't want it, but it can't change crate types for now

NST Crate Editor v1.0:

How to use:
1. Open the "NST Crate Editor.exe" and then click the "Open Editor" Button.
2. After the editor opens up you have 2 options you can either import a crate file or if you already modified one you can export it.

If you deleted a crate you can restore it by pressing the "Restore Crate" Button.

Edit: if you think that the object moving speed is slow you can change it by pressing the "Change Object Moving Speed" button on the windows form
What if I think the object moving speed is fast?
(29-03-2020, 01:10 PM)Erdrick The Hero Wrote: [ -> ]What if I think the object moving speed is fast?

The speed doesn't go beyond 13.5x so if you press the "Change Object Moving Speed" button while it's 13.5x it will go back to 1.5x which is slow

The speed doesn't get applied instantly it might take 2-4 seconds to apply
...I was being sarcastic.