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Hi bandicoots ! - Ewan's Elephant Games (EEG) - 18-11-2020

Hi everyone !

My name's Ewan, I'm forteen and I'm French !

I love Crash Bandicoot series since I was seven / eight and I also like programming. So, a few days ago, I decided to create a Crash Bandicoot full remake (the idea is inspired from ARD's Crash bandicoot Reimagined Concept, because I loved this video). Because I don't have any tools, I couldn't mod the N. Sane Trilogy, so I had to create something totally new.

Because I encounter some problems, I asked questions on a forum and I currently wait for the answers - doesn't matter, it will be let me more time for level design. Wink

I'm planning for 4/5 episodes (so it's a very huge project Smile ), four playable characters only for the first opus and very very very retro graphisms Wink  - mainly because I don't want to spend a lot of time for modeling and texturing.

So, good bye ! Big Grin