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Hello everyone! - DolimiccanDragon - 03-04-2021

Hi there! I'm Corey, a fan of Sega, Kingdom Hearts, and dragons. I mainly joined this forum out of curiosity, and to keep an eye on someone here who's been known to cause trouble outside of the forum.

As for my experiences with Crash, there isn't really too much. I started playing an emulated version of Crash 2 on PSP after finding out a copy I got in an assortment of random PS1 games wasn't working, then later bought the N. Sane Trilogy and played a bit of it. (Unfortunately, with the recent situation involving Activision, I'll be waiting until I can find a used copy of Crash 4 before I play it.)

RE: Hello everyone! - npzman - 03-04-2021

Welcome hope you enjoy your stay