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PAK Extraction with QuickBMS - Flaflo - 20-08-2018

PAK archives can be extracted using QuickBMS and a script from aluigi for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

What you need
QuickBMS has a GUI mode so it shouldn't be too hard to use it.
  1. Open QuickBMS with double click, which automatically enables GUI mode
  2. Select the BMS script downloaded from above
  3. Select the folder containing the archives
  4. Select the location where to extract to
  5. Extracting should take a while, drink a cup of coffee while waiting  Sleepy
I personally have not tried this by myself but it should work just like the extraction using the same script.
There is also a GUI mode for that, just open the Reimport batch file.

But I suggest to have a look to the reimport section in the quickbms.txt file distributed with QuickBMS.