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Hello! - Halogen- - 20-08-2018

Hey there! Name's AJ, and I traditionally go by Halogen- within the various communities that I am a part of. I'm an avid rhythm game player that is currently pursuing a degree in software development and have been a front-end web designer/developer for the last couple of years.

I'm not really super known within the confines of the Crash Bandicoot community, but I've been playing games within the series for around two decades at this point (scary to think about). I've got two daughters, 7 and 5, who play N. Sane Trilogy, and always have a good laugh and chuckle at the various mods that I watch on my computer.

It's really nice to see a growing community here — I hope it thrives. Smile

RE: Hello! - M!Do Space - 30-08-2018

Welcome aboard, AJ!
Have a nice stay.

RE: Hello! - Spykerwolf - 08-01-2019

Welcome AJ! I've been playing Crash for 2 decades as well now haha, so we must be almost the same age.
Do you have steam or discord by any chance?

RE: Hello! - Erdrick The Hero - 09-01-2019

Welcome, Halogen!

I got into Crash (and gaming in general) at 5 years old, myself. If your daughters aren't already playing, I'd get them started soon! Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back was the first game I ever played - and boy is it a good way to start.

(Why is it that in 2019 Google Chrome still doesn't recognize that "Bandicoot" is a word?)