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Heya! - madmarsrocks - 21-08-2018

Hello everyone! 

I'm madmarsrocks, otherwise known as Roman (my real name). I'm 20 years old and, as of this post, I am currently in my second year of university studying Game Design. Crash Bandicoot is one of the handful of video game series I grew up playing and still enjoy to this day, so it's great to see a forum for the games that also embraces modding them and keeping them fresh (I run a modding community of my own over on Discord, so I kinda have an idea of how ARD feels when he's able to discuss a favorite game of his to this extent with more folks like himself).

I'm definitely gonna stop by here often and see how things are going. The mods for the NST (like the ARD Mode N. Sanity Beach) as well as the other games are crazy. Great stuff to ARD, Neo_Kesha and any other folks that have lent their skills towards modding the games.

RE: Heya! - M!Do Space - 30-08-2018

Welcome aboard, Roman! ^_^

RE: Heya! - Spykerwolf - 08-01-2019

Welcome Roman!
Your discord channel sounds very interesting - could I perhaps get an invite?
I've been looking to join a modding community :-)

RE: Heya! - Erdrick The Hero - 09-01-2019

Hello, Roman. Welcome!

...So you're a phantom, huh?