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Crash 3 Menu in Crash 1 - CrashGuy1 - 01-12-2018

What I'm asking for this time is that if there is any way to have the Crash 3 Pause Menu Screen in Crash 1 and Crash 2. With BetaM's mod, I have the Crash 2 Pause Screen in both Crash 1 and 2, whereas Crash 3 had it's regular pause screen. Few livestreams of those like Ard have managed to get the Crash 3 pause screen working when you pause Crash 1 and maybe Crash 2. (And yes, I am aware that if you entered Crash 3 mode in Crash 1 or 2, your player doesn't spawn without the warp bubble, but a few seconds after the level is shown, it fades to black quickly, and then the level reappears, this time Crash/Coco spawning, which means the player used some sort of kill the player command in the cheat table) I have Cheat Table with me, I would like to accept some answers and advice on this question.