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NST Explorer - Neo_Kesha - 19-06-2019

So, i realized that my site is more dead than dead and i don't check it anymore.
And that there is no thread for NST Explorer
Download link:

1) Ability to repack archives
2) Ability to apply patches to the game

3) Ability to extract single or whole subtree of files (You can extract whole if you click on IGA node and choose to "Extract")
4) Support of 11th version of PAK (PC NST, PS4 NST) and version 13 of PAK (Switch NST, Switch Nitro Fueled)
Introduction into Patchmaking:
Featured mod:

RE: NST Explorer - Guimian - 20-06-2019

Thank you for creating this program. It is pretty useful and is helping a lot extracting some textures and audio files for Nitro Fueled!

I would like to show you a problem i'm having when extracting the normal maps for some characters, looks like it happens specially for the Body.

I believe there's a issue when decompiling these files, here's how it looks like

Same issue with Nitros Oxide too

Here's some sample files, including the .paks and the corrupted .igz

RE: NST Explorer - Neo_Kesha - 20-06-2019

Thanks, i'll take a look at it after exams!
Seems like program couldn't extract some compressed chunks and just pasted them at it is.
Though, this would probably corrupt all image data below, but in the screen it's only middle corrupted.
I will take a look.

RE: NST Explorer - Guimian - 22-06-2019

Alright, thanks! Take your time (and good luck at your exams)