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Native Fortress RMAL MODE - BlaZeMaN - 03-09-2019

Video footage of the mod with spoiler territory is right here: 

I took a lot of time with this one primarily due to laziness of updating a few sections and spots on the final floor of the level including the cloud path. Fortunately, I managed to make the mod worth it in the end. Anyway, here's the link to my Native Fortress mod as well as a few coordinates files I searched and updated

As for my previous mods here's the links to their respective pages: 
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Hog Wild:

If you're interested in modding this game in some way for yourself, I'll give you a couple of links regarding tools made by other fellow creators from this community or general:
1.) NST pak Explorer by Neo_Kesha (Highly recommended):
2.) HxD by mh-nexus (Highly recommended):
3.) Cheat Engine from (Highly recommended):
4.) NST Level Selector by ARD (A nice alternative for loading the levels as you please):

To start the mod successfully after you download it (Assuming you installed Neo_Kesha's pak Explored too):

1.)Make sure you keep the original and the modded paks in different folders beforehand (For instance the folder Modded_paks will be used to store the updated pak files whilst the Normal_paks folder will store the game's original pak files for said level).
2.)Extract the files from the zip to one of the folders to avoid mixing them up (For instance in the Modded_paks/Native Fortress).

3.)Navigate to the “archives” folder of your game installation (...\Steam\steamapps\common\Crash Bandicoot - N Sane Trilogy\archives), select it and click OK.

4.)Wait! The patch will take a while to be applied because level archives are big files. The NST Explorer won’t tell you when it’s done but if you have a look in the archives folder you can see the pak files being updated (Make sure you extract the files beforehand.). Once the file has been saved (L108_NativeFortress.pak, other paks may be presented later), the mod has been installed and it’s safe to run the game. If you’re unsure just wait 5 minutes after starting the patch and that should give it plenty of time to finish. The previous versions of those pak files will be backed up automatically and saved as pak.patch_bak files.

5.)Open the N. Sane Trilogy and start a new game in Crash 1 or load Native Fortress (Hints and such will be updated later). You’ll know if the mod has installed successfully since you'll spawn close to the first Iron Arrow Crate alone.

To sum it all up, if you've played this mod or any other of my mods for that matter, let me know of your experience. I could really use some constructive feedback going forward. 

In case you want to start modding yourself with the tools presented above, check out ARD's youtube video : 

This video helped me a lot to bring the current and my older mods to life. 

I'll be honest. I expected to finish this mod by July. It's bad that it took me so long to go anywhere with it, I've been rather occupied with other games as well as drawing and my latest college semester will drop by October. Regardless, I'll try to provide as much content as possible going forward so apologies for any inconveniences. With all that said, the next level mod will tackle the second island starting with Up the Creek.