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Greetings - Coolsy101 - 25-02-2020

You might know me, you might not know me. I'm Coolsy101, moderator of the r/CrashBandicoot subreddit and the r/CrashBandicoot Discord server. Thought I'd join here after trying to help get the forum's name out there and try out the forum experience for with the Crash Bandicoot fandom

RE: Greetings - Motwera - 25-02-2020

Ay, welcome to the forums buddy

I hope you are gonna enjoy the stay, having a forum in this day and age is hard to keep active

RE: Greetings - MASF - 25-02-2020

Hello welcome moderator from Crash Reddit page.

RE: Greetings - AdventureT - 25-02-2020

Hey welcome! I hope this forum gets more active now

RE: Greetings - DayNightler - 26-02-2020

Welcome dude!