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[Request] Hardcore Mod? (NST) (PC/PS4) - SaschaMkII - 15-05-2020

Hi there,
I just wanted to throw this in the round of possiblitys. Can anyone please make An Crash Bandicoot NST Hardcore mod? Like with different crate placements, new enemys (from one level ported to another)? Because I've seen someone do a classic crash bandicoot 2 hardcore mod (just one level) and I wanted to know if anyone here could possibly do it.

Thank you for reading this.

RE: [Request] Hardcore Mod? (NST) (PC/PS4) - Erdrick The Hero - 15-05-2020

Will be possible/easier whenever ARD gets around to releasing his level editor.

RE: [Request] Hardcore Mod? (NST) (PC/PS4) - crashbandicootfan - 19-05-2020

yes if this