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Crash Bandicoot Retro Hijinx (fangame) - Guyus The Raptor - 14-08-2020

I failed to finish my fangame with BGE, and I failed to finish it with Godot too. But with Unity, things are REALLY lookin up!

I also renamed my fangame. Now it's called Crash Bandicoot Retro Hijinx!

And this is the recent progress update of its Unity version:

What to expect from the end result?
  • 30 action-filled levels set in where no bandicoot has gone before including savannah, Nordic forests, swamps and logging sites, featuring enemies like none before
  • Five boss battles
  • All of Crash's signature abilities and characteristics from Crash Bandicoot Warped
  • Return of fully playable Coco, but appropriately implemented this time
  • Low-poly aesthetics that not only pay homage to your favorite PS1 trilogy, but also ensure smooth unlaggy performance even in lower specs! No need to waste money to pointless super computer
  • Master seven neat vehicles from good ol’ jet board to whole new snow mob
  • Time trials
And I bet Activision and its three devs are too mentally unstable to stay this true to source material.

Crash Bandicoot courtesy of Activision