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ReTexture Glitch - DayNightler - 18-08-2020

Hello Warp-Community!
I have a problem and I don't know how to solve it.

programs what i use:
1. "NST Texture Converter" to Convert (*.IGZ > *.PNG) and ReConvert (*.PNG > *.IGZ) the Textures.
2. "Adobe Photoshop CS6" to Edit the Texture file.
3. "NST Explorer" to Replace the Edited *.IGZ file with the Original *.IGZ file.

what I have done:
I have Extract the texture file "ColorMap,textures@!actors!Playable!Coco!Coco_C`tif,111.igz" (In-Game Body Texture) from "NST Explorer".
then i Convert the *.IGZ Texture file with "NST Texture Converter" to *.PNG.
and edited the texture completely black with "Adobe Photoshop CS6", and saved the image as *.PNG format.
then i ReConvert the "ColorMap,textures@!actors!Playable!Coco!Coco_C`tif,111.png" file with "NST Texture Converter" back to *.IGZ format.
and then i got Replace the Edited *.IGZ file with the Original *.IGZ file with "NST Explorer", and Repack it as "Coco.pak".
I replace the "Coco.pak" file with the original from the nst/archives subfolder and start the game from steam.

but my character looked like this in-game:
[Image: j86e6htz.png]

The face is completely black, that's right but the clothes are wrong (they should also be completely black),

and I just don't know how to fix it.

I hope someone can help me.
- regards

RE: ReTexture Glitch - Erdrick The Hero - 19-08-2020

Did you just blackface Coco?

RE: ReTexture Glitch - DayNightler - 19-08-2020

(19-08-2020, 01:19 AM)Erdrick The Hero Wrote: Did you just blackface Coco?

Yes, I made the texture completely black to test if it will be adopted correctly. As you can see, the head model has adopted it correctly. but the clothes should be black even then, which is not the case here.