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NST alter logic when receiving collectables
Hey there, I'm currently looking into the game files using Alchemist. Really cool tool btw!

My goal is making it possible to add some kind of randomizer logic for crystals, gems and relics. For that, I need to find what happens when collecting one of these where normally the collected item is added to your collection and instead insert my own logic.

I thought for the start, I'd just like to show some text in Crash 2 when collecting a crystal that says that the crystal of the level has been collected. But tbh I have no experience with game modding and while I think I found the right files and locations for the first 2 levels, I have no clue what to change or how I could add anything new (apart from Strings, I think I got that part of the video). I watched the 1 hour Alchemist tutorial video and got a general idea on how to adjust values but I'm still having a hard time due to my lack of experience and the examples in the video achieving completely different things.

So if anybody got some ideas on how to approach this, I'd appreciate it Smile

And if anybody is wondering how it would make sense to randomize these things in the game, I'm doing this so the game could be used in a multi world randomizer from
I feel like just randomizing these things inside the crash games itself is kinda pointless, but mixing it up in combination with other games could be very fun.

[Image: 3bHvGN4.png]

[Image: y2DeLR3.png]

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