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Welcome to The Warp Room!
Hello! This is The Warp Room, a Crash Bandicoot forum I've started mostly because I've been experimenting a lot with modding the N Sane Trilogy recently and am not finding it easy to share or discuss stuff properly over twitter and reddit, and I don't much fancy my chances with the Steam or Activision forums. Also I asked if anyone wanted me to do this and a lot of people said they did so here you go. There's sections for non-modding Crash discussion too so please feel free to fill those with theories about CTR remastered or whatever else you want to talk about. 

I put this site together in a day so things are pretty basic round here at the moment, if this place becomes active then once my financial situation improves a bit I can invest more into it and make everything much nicer. It's also basic because I just wanted to get this up and running ASAP without worrying too much about custom icons and smilies and all that, that stuff can wait. I haven't added any swear filters or written any rules or anything yet either, but I don't think those kinds of things are as important on here as they are on my other forum which is supposed to be more family friendly. So in the absence of any firm guidelines, don't post anything offensive and just don't be a dick and we'll probably all be fine. And give credit if you posts other people's mods etc. 

If you think we need more specific sections for old Crash games or things like fan games or speedrunning or additional general boards like a gaming section or heck even a Spyro section because I know that's a hot topic right now, anything you want to see on this site just let me know, I'm happy to reorganise and rearrange everything to find whatever works best. All suggestions are welcome in Help & Feedback. But right now I'm gonna see if I can start populating the modding forums with explanations of some of the things people have been asking me recently. 

Please make yourself at home and have a wonderful day!

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It feels nice to be posting in a Crash Bandicoot forum again. Kudos for making this.
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Hello friends!
Interesting. Hello everypony!
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I wonder how far will this place go...
Aye Siwmae!
May i redirect my domain to this forum?
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what's this?
Hey guys!
(17-08-2018, 08:26 PM)Motwera Wrote: I wonder how far will this place go...

Two years later, we are 163 !
If you are still reading this in 2022 (and soon 2023), then congrats ! You've found my completely dead account and the stupid posts I made back then !
I've currently moved on with my life anyways, so... please don't take what I wrote two years ago seriously.
Umm I'm a bit late here but we are now on 186 members, it was on 180 members on the day that I joined a little while back. This forum site is all about classic community fun and it's pleasure to be on this site and excited to see what happens here for many years to come.

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