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NST Pre-Papu Papu RMAL MODE level mods by BlaZeMaN (Crash 1)
   Hello everyone. It's been a rough few years since my last update back in 2019. However, amidst all of it, I managed to find the motivation to get back to doing some modding with my spare time. By 2022, I've officially made some changes to my NST level mods that desperately needed a rework in some parts as well as a firm and modern adaptation with Crash 4's existense on to the public eyes as well. The level mods made are for N.Sanity Beach, Jungle Rollers, The Great Gate, Boulders and Upstream. You will find the modded pak files for each level individually as well as some word files containing any coordinates I've discovered and/or altered respectively. I dunno how far the future might bring me, but I'll do my best to uphold to the game's modding scene while I am able to. See you on the next mod pack and videos. 
   Yours, BlaZeMaN

Below are my modding videos (old versions up to their recent one). They're NOT spoiler free, so for those who want to play the levels on their own, the mod link's above and below:

1.1)N.Sanity Beach RMAL MODE (old version): 

1.2)N.Sanity Beach RMAL MODE (latest version):
Link 1:

2.1)Jungle Rollers RMAL MODE (first version):

2.2)Jungle Rollers RMAL MODE (second version):

2.3)Jungle Rollers RMAL MODE (latest version):

Link 1:

3.1)The Great Gate RMAL MODE (old version):

3.2)The Great Gate RMAL MODE (latest version):
Link 1:

4.1)Boulders RMAL MODE (old version):

4.2)Boulders RMAL MODE (latest version):
Link 1:

5.1)Upstream RMAL MODE (old version):

5.2)Upstream RMAL MODE (latest version):
Link 1:

Here are some instructions to securing your files, navigating your way through this ordeal and installing and prepping the mods for play (PC version only). To start the mod successfully after you download it:
1.)For starters, you need a version of 7-zip downloaded and installed on your system to access the content of my mods from the 7z file. Download from this website (depending on your system)
1.1)For Mac users, download The Unarchiver from here:
2.)Once your respective software is installed, open the 7z file and extract the mod's content (preferably anywhere but your local disk to organize things better).
3.)Make sure you keep and/or copy the original and the modded paks by creating separate folders for each, before going any further. (THIS IS CRUCIAL!)
4.)Navigate to the “archives” folder of your game's installation (...\Steam\steamapps\common\Crash Bandicoot - N Sane Trilogy\archives), select it and click OK.
5.)Copy the modded pak file and paste it inside the NST's archives file, where it'll override the original's name (Again, make sure you backed your original and modded pak files separately first.). The modded file's a bit larger in data size, so that should be a slight indicator not to confuse them.
6.)Open the N. Sane Trilogy and start a new game in Crash 1 or load the respective level you want to load using ARD's optional NST Level Selector: You will notice some differences in the starting area or just a little bit further to validate that the mod's working.
7.)Enjoy your game!!!

If you're interested in modding this game in some way for yourself, I'll give you a couple of links regarding tools made by other fellow creators from this community or general (until ARD's editor is ready for release):
1.) NST pak Explorer by Neo_Kesha(Highly recommended):
2.) HxD by mh-nexus(Highly recommended):
3.) Cheat Engine from recommended):
4.) NST Level Selector by ARD (A nice alternative for loading the levels as you please):
There are a couple more tools in the site itself per se, such as ARD's experimental NST Level Combiner or AdventureT's IgzModelConverter to name a few. Feel free to experiment at your own leisure. The tools above are the ones I personally use mostly and currently.

Last but not least (I know it's quite an old video but), take a look at ARD's level editing video. This video, is the reason I got interested in the NST modding scene personally. (Unfortunately it's privatized today)

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One year before, you have foreseen how the Crash 4 levels could be difficult ! (even if in Crash 4, the levels are longer)
If you are still reading this in 2022 (and soon 2023), then congrats ! You've found my completely dead account and the stupid posts I made back then !
I've currently moved on with my life anyways, so... please don't take what I wrote two years ago seriously.

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