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G'day - Here from Australia
(06-10-2020, 12:58 AM)Jazzyrocks100 Wrote: Hello! 
I'm Jaz and I'm a huge PS1 and Crash fan of course. I love being a part of these communities and I watch YouTubers like Crystal Fissure all the time, I think modding is really really cool. I'm also a musician, and as well as writing and producing my own music I would like to make music for videogames in a similar style as old Spyro or Crash.
So if you're doing a project like a film or a new fan game or something, hmu I'd love to work with you.

Feel free to DM me, and we can play CTR some time!!

Jas Big Grin

I'm currently working on a totally new remake of Crash Bandicoot, so if you want to do some music for my project I would be grateful ! But I can't pay you (mainly because I'm forteen Smile )
If you are still reading this in 2022 (and soon 2023), then congrats ! You've found my completely dead account and the stupid posts I made back then !
I've currently moved on with my life anyways, so... please don't take what I wrote two years ago seriously.

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