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Crash Bandicoot Remake : News
Hi everyone, here's the design of my first level !

EDIT : Adding this image
[Image: level1.jpg]

This is Crash's evasion from Cortex Castle.
I won't describe entirely the level, but I show you some details :

- The level start at the room at the top right-hand corner with an unusual character : Tawna. I really loved her gameplay in Crash 4, so I decided to include her as a playable character.
- N.B. : For the playable characters, I'm planning : Crash, Tawna, Coco and Cortex (in this order, for the first opus). And I have some good ideas for the continuation.
- At the middle of the level (Cortex Vortex at the top), the playable character changes to Crash, until the end of the level.

If you have any question concerning the caption (and I'm sure you have, because I'm firstly doing this for myself), don't hesitate to ask me questions ! Smile
My new remake of Crash Bandicoot is in development !

If you want to contact me, please do it by private message because I'm not checking my email box all the time !

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