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NST Debug Menu?
(11-02-2021, 06:42 AM)ARD Wrote:
(06-02-2021, 10:34 PM)LexRivera Wrote: I see.  Interestingly, the article also mentions the possibility of these menus being accessible through the IGZ or VVL files.
Wild guess, but perhaps they can be triggered through a series of button presses?  Who knows.  
The fact that these menus exist might be worth further exploring at some point.

If there is a debug menu still in the game somewhere I assume it would have to be hardcoded into the executable because I've previously checked all of the unused menus in IGZ format that are still in the files and if the debug menu itself was in the same format as all the other UI in the game it's no longer there. It may be that there is something accessible through button presses like there is in Crash 4 but you'd think that for the PC port where they expect some players to be using a keyboard they would have been extra careful to prevent that? Maybe more likely to work on v1.00 of the original PS4 release but I've never tried it. I have tried various things to get the game into some kind of debug mode, mostly using xml files based on arguments that are used in other Alchemy games and text in the exe and you can get some interesting results from doing that but the only real use I've found for it is getting extra save slots without having to move or rename the save files. If there is a working debug menu still in the game anywhere it will take someone who knows a lot more about breaking games open than me to find it.

(06-02-2021, 10:34 PM)LexRivera Wrote: Also, unrelated to the subject, but if you happen to read this reply ARD, would you mind explaining how you modded the switch version of NST?

The short answer: with a paperclip. The long answer:

I see.  I'll take your word for it, seeing as how you've become familiar enough with the game's inner workings as is.  Perhaps it will be explored further by someone someday when there's more of a vested interest in it.  Thanks for getting back to me on that.

Btw, that is a guide on how to mod the switch itself, I know about installing custom firmware.  I should have specified more.  What I meant was, how did you access the files on the Switch version of NST to get those mods into the game?
Did you use FTP to access the files, connected an SD Card to your PC, etc.

If you don't want to get into detail about that though, I'll understand.  I appreciate you responding to this at all.

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