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What official improvement would you like to see on Crash N.Sane Trilogy
So now it's officially been years since we had the release of Crash Bandicoot : N.sane Trilogy back in 2017 which revitalised the Crash Bandicoot franchise. I've got it on release day for my PS4 and still have it. It gave our favourite video game franchise lots of momentum and set the example of a "AAA Remaster" to the gaming industry as a whole. The game sold like hot cakes and as a result the franchise has now been taken a lot more seriously by Activision. We can tell by looking at how NST was a mere pet project made by a small team and then to later on have crash 4 get worked on by three full studios. There was praises everywhere across multiple review boards.

But... On the flipslide of all this the N.sane trilogy is the buggiest game out of the Eighth generation era of crash games.

The last time there was a actual patch other then mere changes to shortcuts to advertise the then-recent games which were Spyro Reignited Trilogy and shortly later Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled in NST's main menu. Was when they released the game on other consoles a year later in 2018 after the time exclusivity had ended. 

They have patched out some bugs and added some missing dialogue but there was unfortunately also other bugs and missing dialogue that was allowed to be drifted away by Vicarious Visions and Activision. If we know Beenox isn't going to do jack on fixing the online issues on PS5 for CTR: NF which is more recent then NST. Then that's how we know there will never ever be a patch released officially for NST. 

However if there were going to be one more patch. What are the issues that are present in NST would you like to see get addressed the most ?

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What official improvement would you like to see on Crash N.Sane Trilogy - by npzman - 06-03-2021, 11:28 AM

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