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What official improvement would you like to see on Crash N.Sane Trilogy
(10-04-2021, 04:42 PM)Guyus The Raptor Wrote: - Replace every single asset with the ones of PS1 Crashs (including sfx and voice tracks), even if it requires re-rigging and reanimating all characters all over. And while you're at it, replicate animations more accurately
- Replace music tracks with original pre-console tracks by Josh Mancell
- Switch font back to Super Wumpa and Super Bonus (you can use Crash Bandicoot Rounded in some texts too)
- Remove off-character idle animations
- Revert Crash 2 and Warped's warp rooms to what they were in their PS1 counterparts (bring load/save monitor back and make center lift of Crash 2's warp room transfer to boss levels)
- Remove fully playable Coco entirely (except from China, pirate and plane levels)
- Ensure that the game's gfx are easy to run WITHOUT GPU
- Remove motion blur
- Remember what original Warped's motorcycle-levels were like? Whenever Crash landed after a jump, or Crashed to a police car, it had an appropriate impact to it. Whenever Crash fell into the pit, it happened comically and ended to crash-sound. Not to mention the funny tire ski sound. Bring those back again.
- Give each game its own game over screen, and none of 'em must be left incomplete
- Release PC-version physically

Other option is pulling NST off market and disavowing its existence permanently

Let's start off with this list
-If you want that, you'd better work on a decompilation a lá Mario 64 PC and the Sonic 1 and 2 Decompilations so you can port to other systems.
-I agree that there should have been a option for listening to said music tracks, but not nullifying the works of the new composers
-Eh... At first I've found it odd to not have the original font but I can live with it.
-What do you mean by off character? Give an example
-No, there's already a button for save and load, and using the old save and load panel as a warp for the boss was a good design choice for it, it makes the thing more natural to revisit; altough I can agree that Crash 3's went without use except to give the anwser as in how Coco went back in time. Speaking of which...
-Why remove playable Coco entirely? I don't see a problem of having a choice. On the contrary I wish I could use her on all levels, including bosses, which unfortunately didn't happen, I don't know why the devs couldn't make a patch. It just became a reality in IaT.
-This is a 2018 game, and there are plenty of GPU's to choose from(even tho we are in the middle of a pandemic, there's still older models that can run this game without a hitch), this is not like in the early 90s where most PC's didn't even have a GPU and were playing Doom in awe. And those that did have a "GPU" were with Silicon Graphics stations, which were just as big as the PC itself, and costed a fortune to get.
-It's a toggle on PC. I don't know about the console versions.
-Agreed, impacts are kinda odd to be honest.
-Sure it would be nice to have a disk to use later on... Altough it's been a good while ever since I've used a DVD even.

-Last but not least, you just seem to hate the thing out of spite with just this statement.

As of my opinions the most egregious problems that would need fixing, in a technical perspective, are these forsaken Hexapods from Piston it Away. Their hitbox for some reason is binary(litterally on and off, no inbetween) and it doesn't sync up with the pistons on the death route. You have to wait a lot of cycles just to get it right.

In Crash 2 as well, the warp in animation: He doesn't materialize like he did in the original, he just falls into the stage. Dialogue heads as well, they just seem to go back to "T-Pose" expression before going off scene, it's really jarring.

Another thing, especially for Crash 1, jump air time. The games are all doable, but there's this weird gravity value going on with the game where the player falls much faster than I remember from the classics. I got used to it, but it feels it doesn't have nearly enough time to reach some platforms sometimes.

The remake is there, I've played from begining to end, noticed those issues, but as it stands, it's not half-bad, it's a really good attempt, but it's not 1 to 1 with the originals in the techinical sense unfortunately. Spyro did it a lot better, and in Crash 4 the new "ruleset" yelds some preety nice results as well.

TL;DR.: N. Sane has it's share of techincal problems, but they are isolated cases in a few instances, but the strenghs outweighs the weaknesses.
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