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What official improvement would you like to see on Crash N.Sane Trilogy
well, it's not official... but I'm keen to improve my loop points for the Pre-Console Mixes mod I've recently put out...
we STILL don't have 100% of those tracks yet via Josh's releases... but getting there slowly... maybe less then a year to go...
the main points above I was happy to not be alone in feeling,
- Replace music tracks with original pre-console tracks by Josh Mancell
- Revert Crash 2 and Warped's warp rooms to what they were in their PS1 counterparts (bring load/save monitor back and make center lift of Crash 2's warp room transfer to boss levels)
- Remove motion blur (OPTIONAL!!!!!!! not just removed... like being able to adjust some of the other options easily)
- Remember what original Warped's motorcycle-levels were like? Whenever Crash landed after a jump, or Crashed to a police car, it had an appropriate impact to it. Whenever Crash fell into the pit, it happened comically and ended to crash-sound. Not to mention the funny tire ski sound. Bring those back again.

- Give each game its own game over screen, and none of 'em must be left incomplete
i also agree with...
hitboxes everywhere + Crash 2 - the warp-in animations etc...
Another thing, especially for Crash 1, jump air time. The games are all doable, but there's this weird gravity value going on with the game where the player falls much faster than I remember from the classics. I got used to it, but it feels it doesn't have nearly enough time to reach some platforms sometimes...
also it's not canon, but i do feel like they could've made the option to unlock all abilities in 1/2/3, Double Jump etc a feature... at the very least Double Jump + Speedy Shows options... while Keeping with/without Shoes separate for Time Trial Times...

ALMOST FORGOT... i have to run a hack if i want to enjoy fullscreen 21:9... so for modding i usually end up in windowed 16:9 which i'm fine with... but if i ever feel done modding and really want to just enjoy it... i have to run an ASPECT RATIO MOD and i'm stuck with VERT- instead of HOR+ ...
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