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NST Level Selector
[Image: BayrUN7.png]

This isn't strictly a modding tool - it can help with modding or just used to play the game normally. A simple program to open the N Sane Trilogy to any level. I really only made this for my own personal use, and to get myself familiarised with C# again after months of not working on my level editor, but it should work for anyone. Just save the exe to the same folder as CrashBandicootNSaneTrilogy.exe in your game directory and put a shortcut somewhere more accessible. Choose a level and click launch (with the game closed) and then press OK on the Steam confirmation box to open that level. Warning: hopping between the 3 different games and saving may mess with your save data. I once accidentally unlocked the double jump in Crash 1 by doing that so if you care about your save files, back them up first, and don't blame me if something gets corrupted!

Download here:
You might have to confirm you want to download/run it because everything I upload to the internet looks like a virus I guess.
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