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Crash Bandicoot 4: ItsAT trailer was released!
(14-08-2020, 03:31 PM)Guyus The Raptor Wrote: Don't get your hopes up. The whole game seems like an absolute mess. In a bad way

Yes, please elaborate, and choose your words carefully. It Activision/TFB just see people talking trash they're not likely to listen. This attitude makes those of us with legitimate concerns look bad.

I'm gonna be honest, my hopes are pretty low. Toys for Bob has a bad track record, and remaking a (three) games somebody else designed doesn't show that they can design a good game themselves. But I can see from some interviews that at least some of the guys over there at TFB are genuinely personally invested in the project and they are trying to make a good game. So please, voice your concerns so they can be heard and acted upon, but don't trash the game before you can play it. I know it's easy to talk shit, I've done it myself, but it's not right, *at least* in this context.
I'm an evil scientist, what do you expect? This isn't a game, you know...

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