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Crash NST: Playable Cortex mod
Playing as Cortex is something a lot of people have asked me about over the last couple of years and for a long time I didn't think it would be possible, but recently I've been experimenting a bit with porting character models from CTR Nitro Fueled into the N Sane Trilogy, and some of the new things I've learned about how those files work gave me a few here he is:

This mod uses the animations and skeleton from the Skylanders version of Crash, because that works a lot better for Cortex than normal NST Crash does, so the same issues that I mentioned here about not working in all levels will  apply. Standard platforming levels should be mostly ok though. Cortex also has some serious resting bitch face here because getting facial animations to work properly is something that's way beyond my current knowledge. But to compensate for these problems I've added a few extra things...

Crash.pak (Normal Cortex)
Crash.pak (Red Cortex)
Crash.pak (Green Cortex)
Crash.pak (Blue Cortex)
Crash.pak (Toga Cortex)
update.pak (extra stuff)

This is for the PC version. Red Cortex, Green Cortex and Blue Cortex are Cortex's exotic skins (recolours) from CTR Nitro Fueled. Downloading one of the Crash paks will give you playable Cortex. If you want the extra stuff seen in the video like Uka Uka and Cortex 1ups, you also need update.pak. To use the mod, download whichever pak files you want and place them in the "archives" folder in the game files. Backup the original Crash.pak if you want to, or you can restore it any time through Steam. If you have my Arctic Antics mod installed then overwriting update.pak with this version will remove that, so if you want to get Uka Uka into Arctic Antics you'll need to wait for me to make a proper mod loader or something...

[Image: 44a2EMF.jpg]

I haven't spent much time trying to do this with other characters yet and I don't intend to until after the level editor is released so I'm not sure if things like playable Dingodile or Crunch will be possible but I'll definitely see what I can do once I have the time for it!

Added Toga Cortex skin (from Crash 3 Tiny boss)! Download

[Image: Y2NiqYV.jpg]
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