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ReTexture Glitch
Hello Warp-Community!
I have a problem and I don't know how to solve it.

programs what i use:
1. "NST Texture Converter" to Convert (*.IGZ > *.PNG) and ReConvert (*.PNG > *.IGZ) the Textures.
2. "Adobe Photoshop CS6" to Edit the Texture file.
3. "NST Explorer" to Replace the Edited *.IGZ file with the Original *.IGZ file.

what I have done:
I have Extract the texture file "ColorMap,textures@!actors!Playable!Coco!Coco_C`tif,111.igz" (In-Game Body Texture) from "NST Explorer".
then i Convert the *.IGZ Texture file with "NST Texture Converter" to *.PNG.
and edited the texture completely black with "Adobe Photoshop CS6", and saved the image as *.PNG format.
then i ReConvert the "ColorMap,textures@!actors!Playable!Coco!Coco_C`tif,111.png" file with "NST Texture Converter" back to *.IGZ format.
and then i got Replace the Edited *.IGZ file with the Original *.IGZ file with "NST Explorer", and Repack it as "Coco.pak".
I replace the "Coco.pak" file with the original from the nst/archives subfolder and start the game from steam.

but my character looked like this in-game:
[Image: j86e6htz.png]

The face is completely black, that's right but the clothes are wrong (they should also be completely black),

and I just don't know how to fix it.

I hope someone can help me.
- regards

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