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Alchemist: Alchemy games modding tool
This is an EARLY BETA version of a HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL and EXTREMELY UNFINISHED tool for modding the N. Sane Trilogy, CTR Nitro Fueled and Skylanders Imaginators. Use it at your own risk!

[Image: AYDW7L0.png]

Compatibility varies significantly between the games. Support for things like sound effects and textures is not great for some of them because I just haven't had chance to write any new code to deal with those yet - basically everything is just ancient code copied over from other projects like the level editor. I am not planning to spend any more time on this until after the level editor is released so think of this tool more like a preview of something I'll be working on in the future.

BETA v1.00 is primarily for modifying PAK archives and IGZ files, and for creating mod packages that can be easily saved and shared. You can also convert audio files and textures (so this supersedes the tools I've made for those things in the past, please stop using them).

Alchemist BETA v1.10 - added font support (info)
Alchemist BETA v1.00

The README document included with the program explains how to use it. For further demonstration see this video. Please read and watch before asking questions! Please.

Sample mods:
I have created a few mod files in a format that can be installed using Alchemist just to demonstrate how the mod loader system works. These are mostly just remakes of old mods and tech demos. All are for the PC version of the N. Sane Trilogy, except the Switch version of Biker Crash.

Biker Crash - Crash skin mod
Jetpack Crash - Crash skin mod
Scuba Crash - Crash skin mod

Cortex - my playable Cortex mod, just in a different format
Cortex Extra - the extra stuff from my Cortex mod - Uka Uka and Cortex 1ups

Super Spin - spin attack has a much larger range
Super Slide - slide for a much greater distance
Super Sprint - run faster when using sprint (Crash Dash)

NSTOST Preconsole - the preconsole tracks I included with my custom music tool from 2 years ago - bad, just a demo
NSTOST PSX - same but for the console stuff

Uka Uka - replaces Aku Aku with Uka Uka (non Cortex version)

Crash 1 Super Powers - use Crash 3 abilities and super powers in Crash 1 levels (the game will crash between levels)
Crash 2 Super Powers - same but for Crash 2 levels

Random Crates - stupid fun, see README for instructions

Biker Crash (Switch) - Biker Crash mod for the Switch port of the N. Sane Trilogy

There are many more features I'm planning to add to this in the future, including support for modifying Havok files (animation etc), converting models between games, scripting and command line support, and keeping existing files compressed when importing new stuff to archives. I will also make and release some mods in the format this program uses for the other games, once I have the time. Theoretically I could now turn any of the stupid small mods that I've done in the past into single files that can be installed easily with the Alchemist mod loader so I'll try to do that when I can. But my priority is still the level editor and that won't change until it's released. This was just a little diversion because there's been so much more interest in general modding for these games recently and I wanted to do what I could to help people get into it.
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