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Alchemist: Alchemy games modding tool
(24-09-2020, 10:32 PM)toxiccognition Wrote:
(24-09-2020, 09:53 PM)carpetdiem Wrote: That's an amazing tool! Would the swapping between models work if the model isn't a playable character to begin with? I know that you can swap between Crash and another Crash model like the biker one but would replacing Crash by fake Crash work too? I tried like you showed in your video but it crash...ed

I used a slightly different method and got it working, though as I don't have a completed game save. I can't test if I broke actual Fake Crash, could you download and test?
[Image: FDWVNpd.png]

edit: Wait actually, do you mean the game crashed or Alchemist crashed? If you mean Alchemist crashed then it's just that you need to save after every "Import from PAK" and before using the "Replace within PAK".

Thanks but you were right, I actually was saving the mod file before importing anything which was making alchemist crash. The game seems to work fine so far!

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