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CTRNF Skins in Crash NST PC: Baby T / Polar / Pura
Download all as RAR (6MB)

Baby T Blue
Baby T CTRNF Default
Baby T Orange
Baby T Purple

Polar Grizzly
Polar CTRNF Default (different eyes)
Polar Panda
Polar Red Panda

Pura Black Cat
Pura Cheetah
Pura Sabretooth Skin Only
Pura White Tiger

Baby T has different Textures in NF by default and I wanted to see if Ⅰ could replace Baby T's with these.
[Image: dkfxTMd.png]

I thought hey, why not add all of them, at least the ones where it is just skins and not model changes. Did you know Baby T has egg textures for CTR NF skins? I didn't remember that

Baby T

And then decided to do the Same for Polar and Pura
Polar (Top to botton: Panda, Red Panda, Grizzly) 
[Image: 62qdYcW.png]

[Image: qCPNzUH.png]
Sabretooth does wear a Skull in CTRNF and usually those interfere with the regular body textures, but not in this case. So I've uploaded that one too.
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