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[Problem] I'm trying to make Ripper Roo playable

Having discovered this forum, I was strongly interested in this method which allows to make the bosses of the game playable.
So I tried to make my favorite character playable. I managed to import his models in the game (Ripper Roo from the first game) and I replaced the animation file of Crash Bandicoot by the boss one. But the problem is that it has no animation, except when it doesn't move.
It doesn't spin either.

[Image: cQONayY.png]
Idle animation (Good)

[Image: 8tHolCK.png]
Run (T-pose)

[Image: W7lmXuM.png]
Jump (T-pose)

I would like to know how to do that? Or, if possible, someone who could do it?

Thank you for your understanding.
(15-10-2020, 02:04 AM)Koro_Shisana Wrote: I replaced the animation file of Crash Bandicoot by the boss one
this is the problem like a 100 percent there are things in the crash animation file for the spin and jump that ripper roos doesn't have
(15-10-2020, 02:04 AM)Koro_Shisana Wrote: But the problem is that it has no animation, except when it doesn't move.

The only way to resolve that is to create custom models, but I really don't know if it is possible.
If you are still reading this in 2022 (and soon 2023), then congrats ! You've found my completely dead account and the stupid posts I made back then !
I've currently moved on with my life anyways, so... please don't take what I wrote two years ago seriously.
Sorry for the late reply but my real life has been to busy to mess with this stuff for a while...

As LGRZ said Ripper Roo's animation file doesn't have the necessary animations to make him playable. By renaming his animations you can get him to jump and attack without T posing but because of how the animations in this game work you won't be able to get him to run properly. Most of the boss and NPC characters don't have a working run animation. AFAIK the only exceptions are Papu Papu and the N Brio mutant (so if you do exactly what you did here but with one of those you should at least be able to move).

The way I got my playable Cortex mod to work was by using an animation file for an already playable character, the Skylanders version of Crash which was left in the game files because that seemed to give the best results of the ones I tried, but that only worked ok because Cortex's proportions are similar to that version of Crash and making it work was as simple as renaming some animations and disabling some of Cortex's bones (I tried to explain this a bit more in depth here).

I have experimented with making other bosses playable, the only one I had any real luck with was normal N Brio because he's similar enough to normal Crash to make it work without mangling up his body too much. In terms of his size Ripper Roo is closer to Crash than most of the other bosses but the main problem with making him playable in a satisfying way is probably his arms, which are normally restrained by his straightjacket but don't work very well with other characters' animations...

[Image: gBPMpyZ.gif]

The other thing I mentioned in that Cortex thread was experimenting with making other bosses playable by using animations from Skylanders Imaginators characters because there's a lot more variety there than with the few playable characters in the N Sane Trilogy. But that requires a few extra steps to convert from the PS4/Switch animation format to PC and I haven't got a quick way of doing it yet. Making more characters mods like this is one of the things I want to explore more once my level editor is released so if no one else can find a nice way to do playable Ripper Roo before then I'll definitely look into it again.

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