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New Crash Bandicoot Remake Project !
Hello everyone !

I'm a new member and I subscribe here to talk you about my current project : A totally new remake of Crash Bandicoot with Unity.

I don't know if this project will last a long time, but I want to try.
I've already begun : My first video on my Youtube channel will be post the 14th November 2020 (in French firstly, but I'll add subtitles in english as soon as possible Smile ).
EDIT : This video is obsolete, so please view my new video !

I took inspiration from ARD's "Crash Bandicoot Reimagined Concept" because it was this video which made me want to create a totally new game.

Some links :
- My Youtube channel
My blog (in French only)

P.S. : Please excuse me if my English is not very good, I'm French !
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My new remake of Crash Bandicoot is in development !

If you want to contact me, please do it by private message because I'm not checking my email box all the time !

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