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Ranking every boss in the NST from easiest to hardest
Hi bandicoots ! I just wanted to rank something, so I chose the NST bosses ! Smile 

Please notice that the ranking is my opinion. If you disagree with me, you can reply me !

#16 : Papu Papu. This boss is just... a joke. Do I really have to explain ? He has 5 lifes, but you can defeat him just by jumping on him. You can also avoid all his attacks by get on his "throne".

#15 : Komodo brothers. They never aim you (excepted Komodo Moe at the last round), so avoiding won't be a problem. When you attack Komodo Joe, both brothers lose one life.

#14 : Pinstripe Potoroo. He has 6 lifes, but the fight is still very easy. You just need to hide out behind a chair and attack him at the right moment.

#13 : Dr Neo Cortex (CB2). Avoidinding obstacles could be difficult to beginners, but the fight is still very very very easy. He's one of the bosses who can be defeated very quickly.

#12 : Ripper Roo (CB2). The fight requires some memorization, but it isn't very difficult in general.

#11 : Dingodile. The fight is pretty easy, but requires reflexes.

#10 : Dr N. Gin (CB3). The fight is long but not very difficult when you get used to the ship gameplay.

#9 : Dr N. Tropy (CB3). He can seem difficult to beat at the first encounter, but some reflexes and memorization are enough to defeat him.

#8 : Koala Kong. I don't know how to explain that, but this boss is just at the middle of difficulty. In reality, I didn't spent much time on him, so I can't tell how difficult he is.

#7 : Tiny Tiger (CB3). Tiny himself is extremely easy, but lions can be difficult to pass.

#6 : Tiny Tiger (CB2). The fight can be short and easy as well as long and difficult depending of your skill and luck. Though, some tips can be make the fight easier.

#5 : Ripper Roo (CB1). This fight resembles a lot Tiny's one (CB2). I just find it more difficult.

#4 : Dr Neo Cortex (CB3). Much more difficult than his CB2 variant, Cortex can be very problematic the first time you encounter him. When you get used to it, the fight become pretty easy.

#3 : Dr N. Gin (CB2). The fight isn't that difficult, but very long. I don't like this boss fight and I find it annoying, that's why it's so high on the list.

#2 : Dr Nitrus Brio. This is the first really difficult fight, and beat Brio without mask is near impossible (for me). Some of his attacks are difficult to avoid, and jumping on the slimes can become difficult if you fail one time to touch them.

#1 : In my opinion, the most difficult fight is Dr Neo Cortex (CB1). His attacks are various, and some of his combos are difficult to avoid. The fight is also very long, even more if you fail to touch him.

I hope you have enjoyed my very long post !
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