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Crash Bandicoot 4 : It's about time on PS5/Series X/Switch/PC
ehh hi guys

So was it was recently announced that Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is going to be on the Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and finally the Nintendo Switch which is due on March 12th, 2021. While it's a long way until I get a PS5 myself, I'm definitely getting it for my Switch very soon. It's also coming on PC "at a later date" albeit only on which means I have to make yet another account and install yet another DRM for my computer again... fun.

Crash 4 : It's About Time is the most stable/least buggiest game since the franchise's revitalisation. Toys for Bob have given the game more love for Crash 4 then any prior developer did to all previous Crash game.

My concern for the PS5 and Xbox Series X version of the Crash 4 is that this might be another botched port given the fact that it was free to all current gen owners and so it could be mere fan service. Maybe I could be wrong, I hope...

As for the upcoming PC port, while I'm not happy with the PC game being released on exclusively, I can't wait to see the modding scene for Crash 4 to BOOM with mods and enhancements made by great fans. I'll definitely keep my eyes open around to see what creative twists and turns that gets showcased on the internet for Crash 4.

Also as stated before, I'd be playing the game on my Switch first after already finishing the game months ago on my PS4. The Switch is not next gen and the port for that will obviously be a toned down version of the respective current gen console which is the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. To meet the Switch's hardware limitations, On the positive side I still think Crash 4: It's About Time's Switch port would be better then the Switch port of Spyro Reignted Trilogy. While I'm no Spyro fan I just can't believe that Activision just let them botch Spyro 3 so badly. That's what I've been hearing from fellow fans online.

It's going to a while for me to get my hands on a PS5 as mentioned before so share us your experiences with the next gen console versions, current gen Switch and later on the PC port.

It's a pity they didn't properly bring CTR Nitro Fueled into next gen the way they have with Crash 4 because I would purchase that game AGAIN in full price.
It's out guys hope you are enjoying the next gen upgrade

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