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Zey64's Hidden Room (NST Skin collection)
Hello, Konichiwa, Was geht, Salam aleikum and whatever...
My name is Zey64, I am modeler-/animator for the "Serious Sam Advance Remake" developer team.
Now that i have some free time in my broken life :l, I wanted to show you what i found in my pants. (when you now what i mean ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) ).
My small :[ collection of re-skins atm for Crash Bandicoot NST.
[Image: NST-Skins.png]

To download my Crash Bandicoot NST junk please use only my Page...
:: ::   or   :: ::

Quote:Please do not reupload my download files to other websites again without my permission. >:[
Just use the web address of the downloads on my site to share them with your friends,
it may then happen that you download a wrong/old version from the other website that is no longer up to date.
Thank you for your understanding.

Check my page for more skin versions etc. and if you want, send me a feedback. if you can?

gg, bb
- Seijuku Zey64

P.s. 1: Don't take my opening text that I wrote too seriously but with humour.
P.s. 2: Forreal do not reupload my download files to other websites again without my permission.
P.s. 3: I hope you can read. if not you ???
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::: :::
When I get home from school, I'll give it a go.

Great job don't stop there
These are awesome reskins, my favorite are Zebra Crash (i like black lines on his back).
and the Shirt skins are damn funny, e.g.: PlayStation Coco hold really playstation 1 classic console in his arms x'D (the same by Switch Coco)

+ i see you are already skinned 2 Crash Bandicoot On the Run skins: "Punk Crash & Coco" and "Wumpa Crash & Coco"!
pls make more (O.O)

and good luck with your job in the serioussam advance remake dev.-team, looks interesting Wink

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