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PAK Explorer - Patching
All you need: NST Explorer, Patch and game itself.
1) Open PAK Explorer
2) Select txt file of patch you desire
3) Select game folder's archive folder
If backup is not present, all patched PAK files will be backed up
Patcher sytaxis:
open <pak> - opens pak for editing
repak - saves edited pak. If not exists already, backups original file, adding .patch_bak at the end.
open_import <pak> - opens pak to import from
replace pak <pak> <ID1> <ID2> - replaces file in opened pak with ID1 id by file from <pak> with id ID2
replace assets <ID> <asset> - replaces file with ID id in opened pak by asset
import <ID> - imports file with ID id from opened for import pak 
open crash1.pak
replace pak crash2.pak 4233004189 2971768986

replace assets 4144137678 res/texture.igz


So, patch structure will be:

Patcher will open crash1.pak, replace it's 4233004189 asset with 2971768986 asset from crash2.pak, then replaces it's 4144137678 asset with external asset texture.igz from res folder relatively from patch script, repacks and backups pak.

NOTE: importing is not done yet. It works only partially.
open crash1.pak
open_import crash2.pak
import 2971768986

If you have some requests or questions, ask freely.
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