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Crash Bandicoot Retro Hijinx (fangame)
[Image: retrohijinxtitlecard.png?1615153561]

After countless lack-luster revivals, the true orange island-hopping bandicoot we know and love, is coming back for real, and in condition of his life! Join Crash Bandicoot, as he dishes out some justice once again in his most polygon-perfect crystal hunt in decades!

This one-level demo takes place in one of the whole new environments where no bandicoot has been before: Savanna, where Crash encounters scorpions, lions and hunters. It's intended to be the first level in the game, so it's expected to be pretty simple.

There are also some bugs in the game, so if there are any Unity experts in this forum, we'd appreciate your help with fixing those bugs. We also hope that somebody would rip couple of models from WoC, as they haven't been ripped yet.

You can download demo either at GWKTM's website or straight from GameJolt

Crash Bandicoot courtesy of Fucktivision
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[Image: degbesg-3b970318-aebf-4d96-ad55-3f3d9976...pHa0hz1AQg]
Bugs fixed so far:
- Crash's landing problem
- Audio muted in first launch
I've successfully implemented Load/Save system and final pause menu (as in not a demo placeholder).
[Image: image-rjzwcajw.png]
[Image: image-rjzwcajw.png]
[Image: image-bjtjrehx.png]

And yeah, I also made a warp room. It's incomplete, but I managed to accomplish two of the basics: Warping and item retrieval.
Here's the link for the sneak peeks of Crash Retro Hijinx's intro cutscene
For the first time ever, Crash finds himself from where no bandicoot has gone before: The nordic forest:
[Image: 7847886-vy9iqr77-v4.webp]
[Image: 7847893-74rdz5yn-v4.webp]
[Image: 7847885-c3vstvax-v4.webp]

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