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Convert mp3 file to snd
Hello, i'm new here. I saw some mods to place psx soundtracks into the game, but most of the tracks sounded kinda broken or very different from how the psx was, so since i had the original tracks in mp3, i tried using the alchemist to place them. The tool was placing them, but as soon as i was trying to save the archive, i would get a out of memory error from the tool, even tho it would create the file with the same size as the original, the game works, but you can't hear any music, so how do i properly convert an mp3 file to snd, so i can let the nsane patcher tool do the job with the snd i give to him?
Update: i've figured this out, tho i want to ask for a feature implementation, i noted that it's not possible to import multiple mp3 files at once and let the tool convert them to .snd while importing, can this be added in the future?

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