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Appreciation of original Crashs
I tried to find articles and videos that would convince that the value of genuine article Crash Bandicoot isn't deprived by Fucktivision's hoaxes, but this is the closest I could find:

Crash Bandicoot PS1 is a game plagued by bugs and badly placed hit box's, and for many year's the PS1 version was the only version to play of it, so when a remake was released, i expected it to fix these problems, sadly it didn't and instead introduced new problems like slippery physics that easy levels, like Road to no-where, impossible. Even the graphics and atmosphere are worse and look to light and cartoony compared to the original PS1 games dark atmosphere, so in the end, PS1 remains the best platform to play Crash 1 on. Also don't complain about collecting the Tawna heads to save in the ryply's that is easy, and if you can't just look up save codes on Google.

It's from 2019 and only explains about Crash 1 and not the sequels, but I bet it's still relevant today as those bold parts are true. But the visuals in PS1 Crashs are far more cartoony than in N. Sane Travesty, and I'm certainly not the only person who agrees with that:
I have to say that the original ps1 models are actually more cartoonier and expressive than the new games.
(source: Comment section of my Cortex test)

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