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WMMM: Warped Metal Music Mod (ALCmod)
[Image: wUoIfhP.png]

Trailer for WMMM.
• •
Full Base Playthrough for WMMM. Showcases almost  all the songs!

Welcome! My name is JayXsane, I'm from a different era of modding communities. I've been seen and known to have modded games such as Left4Dead (1 and 2), Half-Life (all), Portal (1 and 2), Mirrors Edge and more! Some of the best mods I created were for Left4Dead 2, and a lot of them were Concert Mods.

I'm bringing a special mod today, one of which brings a sense of metal and "action" to Crash Bandicoot 3 (Warped) in the N.Sane Trilogy! I present WMMM (Warped: Metal Music Mod)!

• Every Level Song
• Every Bonus Song
• Every Gem Song
• Every Boss Theme
• New Crash Skin: Metalhead Crash (Modified Motorbike Skin)

Quick Thanks / Credit:
These brilliant composers are the backing of some of the tracks you hear!

Tiny Theme:
Dingo Theme:
N Tropy Theme:
N Gin Theme:
Cortex Theme:
Main Theme:


Toad Village:
Under Pressure:
Orient Express:
Making Waves:
Hang Em High:
Hog Ride:
Tomb Time:
Future Frenzy:

Above are links to the respective tracks, all modified music in this was composed by yours truly! I also partook in some of the music myself using FL Studio.
I do not own nor expect monetary compensation for these songs. Some tracks are purchasable via their affiliate links. Donations on Nexus all go to Make a Wish.

How do I install?
In order to install the mod, it's a "*.ALCMOD" which is short for "Alchemist Modification". This is a package created via Alchemist by ARD.
Once you've downloaded v1.1, you can follow this guide on how to install the package. It's as simple as setting up your game install directory, choosing "Install .alcmod", selecting this package and running the game! (Still, follow the guide)
Known Issues/Bugs
Audio Loop Broken • GAME ENGINE ISSUE / While each music file is loopable (as I've gone through every piece and removed deadair from the start/finish) in itself, when played through the engine it doesn't loop properly and adds a break between each play instead of repeating properly.

Bonus Round Introduction • GAME ENGINE ISSUE / This happens with a vanilla game too. When the introduction "drum beat" plays, it overlaps the last second of the drum beat with whatever bonus music is being played. (If you don't believe me, play a bonus round without mods. It literally overlaps.)
Crash Skin "C" Bump • This is an issue I just don't feel like tampering with. When modifying the skin, the normal map for the leather jacket has a "C" where the original diffuse showed. I tried modifying it but it would cause the diffuse to break. (Diffuse = Texture)

If you have any requests and/or found bugs/missing songs, let me know and I'll see if I can replicate it and fix it.

Download Link
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