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Crate Editing
Trying to figure out how to do crate editing in the pc version of n sane trilogy using Alchemist.
To explain what I mean, I don't want to move the crates location, I just want to change the type of crate. as I was originally writing this I thought of something and figured it out mostly. I cant figure out how to make a crate something that isn't supposed to be in that level. for example put a nitro crate in n sanity beach. if anyone knows how to do this and can explain it i would appreciate it because i want to create a mod similar to ards all nitro mod just a lot more reasonable to play casually making some akuaku crates, more life crates, tnt crates, or other changes needed that dont require you to lag the game) how reasonable it is to manually edit every single crate in every single level is something that will be decided by how complicated the answer to my question is.
Thank you for reading this expect a short demo within a week (assuming doing this is possible)

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