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Crate Editing
Just got back into this recently, this is an old post, but showing the Alchemist route may be useful to someone.
[Image: sEUtWom.png]
In the L000_LevelName_Crates.igz (or bonus stage in this example)
Under Content you'll find the crates. Click the crate you want (here I've clicked CEntity: Crate_Basic_Iron001)

Click the part of the hex you want to change,
- Line 3 part 1,2,3 are the X, Y, Z co-ordinates of where the box is (in float).
- Line 5 part 1 is your Crate type. Select that and the "Offset" dropdown menu will show what that hex represents and what you can change it too.
- Other parts do other stuff... presumably

When changing to another crate type be sure to change it to the one ending "_entityData_gen", so changing to TNT would be "Crate_TNT_entityData_gen".
Results may vary for crates not already in that level? Don't really know. Also might not work well with the in-built randomiser.

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