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Crate Editing
(03-09-2023, 01:50 AM)dremor848484 Wrote: i tried to do that, in crash bandicoot 1 (level 1) and i am failing greatly :/
crates do not appear O_o
i mean, instead of 1 crate of a different type, i just get no crate al all

do you have any extra info about how to convert 1 crate type, into another crate type ?
like a tutorial for dummies :'(

it seems that only some crates can be used (arrow, akuaku)
some crates cannot be used (random, extra life)

Hello, sorry for the late answer but I may be able to help you if you still have any questions, to answer your original question in the most clear way you cannot easily import crates that are not already in the level template which you seem to have figured out in your edit.

ARD explains this pretty well in this video and it should also explain how crate spawning works which could solve any future problems you have with it.

At about 2:40 he puts up all the crate types usable in n sanity beach specifically which may be helpful

It is possible to import crate templates from other levels I’m just not smart enough to figure that out. ARD goes over how to import things from other levels pretty well in this video.
However just doing that will have unwanted side effects such as the crate count, I have messed around with attempting to use pkg files like that to import crates into levels but its very annoying to work with, I would personally recommend waiting for the level editor to come out within the next several decades but if you don't have a good computer that tool may not be usable as I would imagine its very resource intensive.

Something which may or may not be helpful is there are 2 ways to edit crates, the entityData_gen method which has already been explained above and the other method is to go into the component data table list and go to the CommonSpawnerTemplate and change the exnm entry on the 5th row of the 3rd column (in alchemist) as shown in this image
[Image: image.png]
The advantages of this method include the fact it changes every single type of that crate to the new selected type which can help with bulk crate editing (an example being wanting to change all the aku aku crates in a level to basic crates to make it more difficult) another advantage is the amount of exmns in a crates file is generally way lower than the amount of strings so it should be much easier to find what crates you can choose from. I do not know of any performance/efficiency differences between these 2 methods and what side effects each ones have but I personally use both of them depending on the situation.

I’ve attached a sample mod below which may be helpful to look into if the image wasn't helpful, it changes all basic crates to extra life crates, all random crates to nitros and the first bounce crate to a wumpa fruit.

Sample mod: (not the biggest fan of media fire but its the thing people trust the most for whatever reason)

I hope this was helpful I'm not the best at explaining things, I wish you luck.

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