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Pre-Console Mixes for the N. Sane Trilogy (2022 Update + Volume Fix)
Hi everyone,

based on the audio files of my N. Sane Retro Patcher update, here's the Alchemist version that even includes volume fixes for all levels.

All currently available pre-console mixes are included and are looping pretty clean. The few tracks that are not yet available are replaced with the compressed PSX version, but they also loop great. The volume has been adjusted so that you can play with all Audio settings on 10, just like the game intended (Thanks to ARD for telling me where to look).

A list of currently available pre-console tracks can be found on the N. Sane Retro Patcher page.

Installation is as usual via Alchemist. Download:

Have Fun, and let me know if you encounter any issues! Smile

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