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BlaZeMaN's CB_Back_In_Time Custom Levels
Heyo, I decided to make a thread regarding the recently released fangame called CB Back In Time, and share any and all custom levels I make on it, here for download. (If ARD decides to make a separate page for Back In Time custom levels, I'll repost this thread to that page instead.) 

17/4/2023)I don't know if and when I'll post videos of my custom levels at the moment, but I'll share what I post here when it's ready.
23/4/2023)Released versions 1.02 of NSTModdedTawnaBonus and Ruin Descent with Time Trial variants as well.
23/5/2023)Released versions 1.03 of NSTModdedTawnaBonus and Ruin Descent and versions 1.01 for my latest levels Collapsdicoot and Deserted Bait.
24/5/2023)For simplicity's sake, I reuploaded the links of my most recent versions of my levels, so that they only contain the level file itself. The process to access the levels will be shared here instead.

NSTModdedTawnaBonus (Old Version 1.01)

NSTModdedTawnaBonus (Old Version 1.02)

NSTModdedTawnaBonus (Recent Version 1.03)
NSTModdedTawnaBonus Trial (Recent Version 1.03)

Screenshots of NSTModdedTawnaBonus:

Screenshots of NSTModdedTawnaBonus (Time Trial):

This is my first custom level for BIT. A conglomeration of my NST Tawna Bonus Rounds into one so far.

Ruin Descent (Old Version 1.01)

Ruin Descent (Old Version 1.02)

Ruin Descent (Recent Version 1.03)
Ruin Descent Trial (Recent Version 1.03)

Screenshots of Ruin Descent:

Screenshots of Ruin Descent (Time Trial):

My second and first main custom level for Back In Time. A Ruin/Forest hybrid of a level.

Collapsdicoot (Recent Version 1.01)

Screenshots of Collapsdicoot:

Third custom level for Back In Time. Starting where Ruin Descent left off, the bandicoot delves deeper underground, trying to find a way out.
Playable under the most recent version of the game.

Deserted Bait (Recent Version 1.01)

Screenshots of Deserted Bait:

Fourth custom level for BiT. Barely surviving your underground adventure, now surrounded by traps and predators in the desert, your only objective, is to escape.
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