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[NST] Few Alchemist questions
I've been messing with the Alchemist tool to mod the game for a while and I have few questions regarding what, if possible, you can do with it.

1. Can you add stuff from other levels by using it and making it into a proper .alcmod? (even if it breaks the game)

2. Would it be possible to add the controllable camera, as shown in this video, using this tool?

3. Not really a question, but I don't seem to be able to open the "L121_SlipperyClimb_Bonus_Brio.igz" file, neither on my PC nor Laptop and unsure if it's the issue on both my ends or in general. 

Thank you in advance!
I believe I can help with your second question.
I first learned this from BetaM and I've managed to recreate it with alchemist, I do however suck at explaining things so I made this screen recording of me doing it

Not all levels have the LegacyCamera.igz but some ones ive checked which do are turtle woods and toad village

As for your other questions, I haven't figured out any ways to ADD stuff to levels using alchemist as you cannot import things into the igz files only the pak/alcmod file you are working on. Replacing and changing are the only methods of modding anything using alchemist to my knowledge, using a hex editor such as hxd may allow you to add things if you know what you are doing but I would have no idea how to do that.

For your third question I also am unable to open the extracted file if I use alchemist but using nst pak explorer to extract it then opening it in alchemist did seem to work so I linked that under this.

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