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Hello Everyone!
Hi there! My name is Immeline and I think I have a similar origin story to most here. Obsessed with crash since childhood, really enjoyed watching crash modding videos. However, even after extensively watching ARD I was unaware this forum existed!

I'm so glad I found this place, there is so much good stuff happening here. So much knowledge and so many intelligent minds.

I joined hoping to learn about Alchemy and its weird inner tickings, but also to help contribute in any way I can -- If I can that is -- Most of my 'experience' with alchemy comes from CTR:NF, as I have been curious why/how the game is so chaotic compared to OG lol. I have spent countless hours finding specific values or observing behavior/code just for documentation sake. My friends actually put together a spreadsheet here if you're curious.

With all I learned, I was able to put together a makeshift mod that stacked all your turbo values as long as you held fire! My current goal is to make that easier to use, which I may be able to find the help I need here -- if not, I'm sure I can find it elsewhere. Regardless, I finally got back to analyzing NF's insides, and yuzu has added a lot of GREAT debugging tools, so I'm excited to get back into it and share anything I learn here!

Thanks for reading,
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Welcome! It's nice to have ya here
"Smart move, cowboy."

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