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Crash NST: Improved super powers mod for Crash 1 & 2
When I released Alchemist I uploaded some sample mods including Crash 3 super power mods for Crash 1 and 2. They had some serious problems, mainly the crashing after finishing or exiting from any level.

Here are some new mods to get the Crash 3 powers working in Crash 1 and 2 that (afaik) don't have that problem:

Crash2SuperPowersNew.alcmod (updated to make 100% possible)

Only one will work properly at a time so don't bother installing both together. Also may be some weirdness if you use these while playing on an existing save. Tested both games starting from a new game at 0% and progression all worked fine for me with no crashes. Although as with the previous version, Crash 1 bonus rounds don't work.

All boss levels and a few others from Crash 1 (hog levels, Lights Out, Fumbling in the Dark) are excluded from the above downloads due to not working exactly as they should. If you want to try them anyway just install the below extras mod, after already installing either the C1 or C2 main mod. You'll see why I skipped them.


Use Alchemist to install alcmod files.

Video with some more info and behind the scenes:

Nintendo Switch versions of the same mod:


Also a video about this: Crash NST: Super powers mod on Switch and some oddities
Thank you for this updated mod!
Is it normal that in Crash 1 with the mod installed I can't seem to collect the tawna tokens in the levels? I thouht in was only the bonus stage itself that wouldn't work
(31-01-2024, 07:08 PM)carpetdiem Wrote: Thank you for this updated mod!
Is it normal that in Crash 1 with the mod installed I can't seem to collect the tawna tokens in the levels? I thouht in was only the bonus stage itself that wouldn't work
Thank you for making a Switch version for this
(20-02-2024, 04:07 PM)BloodOrange Wrote: Thank you for making a Switch version for this

Is crash bandicoot for the switch really that good though? isn't there constant lag spikes in general?
Been a while since I posted here, but this has been a topic I've been genuinely interested in since the game's release. Thanks to ARD's progress as well as findings by YouTuber BetaM and my own observations of the code, I have a better understanding of how this generally works.  Excuse the long wall of text incoming, TLDR at the bottom for those who don't want to read.

ARD already explained this in one of his videos, but basically, the way powers and abilities work in NST is that they correspond based on what "mode" of play you are currently in. You can see this in real time while in game; unmodded, Crash is limited to jump & spin while playing Crash 1 and while using the mod, Crash 3 abilities are available, since the game thinks it's running Crash 3.  This is identified in the code and can be observed and modified via hex, as seen in the image provided.


That line of code corresponds to the white rooms used for debugging purposes, but it also applies to the other levels in NST.  The old method utilized mixing save files, which somehow resulted in granting the ability to natively use Double Jump between Crash 1 & 2.  I always found that to be an interesting phenomenon.  Both games can recognize that ability but not the others.

Anyway, I say all of that to say this:  following from my point above, Is it possible to modify the code in a way where the use of abilities & powers from Crash 3 are enabled "natively" for use in Crash 1 & 2?  When I say "natively" I mean, without changing the game mode through hex, as well the code and/or objects for warp out & spawn in.  A visual example of what I mean can be seen here at the 4:50 mark.  The Crash 3 powers are obtained, but they are restricted from use.  Would it be possible to undo that or is the current mod the only known method to accomplish this?

ARD, I understand your interest for this mod in particular comes & goes but I only ask because this is something that genuinely fascinates me.  VV (Vicarious Visions) devs wanted to say faithful to how the original trilogy functioned, so I understand not adding this as a feature but seeing you explore the possibilities of what's possible through modding has opened up my curiosity.

Thanks for sharing btw.  I used these on my modded Switch & it's been fun so far.

TLDR; Is it possible to make Crash 3 abilities function in Crash 1 & 2 naturally in the code without the specific modifications as seen in these files?
hey does anyone know how to make the fruit bazooka work on the jet ski levels in crash bandicoot 3?

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