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Crash NST Level Export and Import Question
I am very new to this and know that the level editor is completely different (and unreleased) compared to Alchemist 1.10 from ARD
Recently I came across some videos of the level editor and saw the Crash Back In Time one as well.
I made my very own Crash Bandicoot level in that game's level editor and tried to figure out if I could import it into Crash NST or Crash 3 PS1 somehow.

I spent a couple of hours trying to figure this out and I just gave up to ask here instead.
How would I go about this, how would I even start?
I looked around the other threads and tried to read it but I think since I'm exhausted, I'm just not understanding any of it or I need more time to figure it out.

I might have missed something as well, but I can't figure it out.
I tried converting it from the file type to .pak but I can't even figure out what default file type it is because it says "file" for the file type.
I've tried to also import it to Alchemist by "converting it" (changing the end to be .pak) and it freezes so I can't access it.

Short question: Is there any way to import levels from Crash Back In Time to Crash: NST/Crash 3: PS1 so that I can play it, and If so how would I?

Thank you to anyone who decided to read this and help me out. Please go easy on this newbie lol.
Sadly there isn't really a simple way to do that. Just changing the file extension of a Back In Time level to try to load it in NST or a PS1 game would be the same as renaming a word document to a video file and trying to watch it. The file types are unfortunately totally different and unrelated.

The way I made it work was by looking at the BIT level files in a hex editor and figuring out how they were structured. As far as I recall they are pretty straightforward, just a list of every object/tile in the level with integer coordinates, since everything is on a 2D grid. I already had a feature in the NST editor to create basic level templates very similar to what BIT levels look like, so all I did was add some code to read a BIT level file and reposition the crates within the template level to match it. So the "import BIT level" thing I showed was actually just reading data from that level, then loading an already existing NST level and modifying it to use the same crate layout, which could then be further edited the same way any normal NST level could.

As for the PS1 games, I've only ever messed with them using CrashEdit so I haven't ever looked at the code for them. It might be easier to do than with NST but to do it automatically you would still need some kind of code to read from the BIT levels and create a PS1 level with objects places in the same positions.
That is an informative and well-written response. I highly appreciate your time and effort to reach back to my question.

I will look more into this using your information, and attempt my best using this new-found knowledge.



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